Talha Bhatti

Owner, Bhailog Digital

I'm a Graphic Designer and owner of Bhailog Digital. Teaching design in my passion because in my early years as a designer I always wanted quick and easily tutorials through which I could learn design but there was no platform like Air School in that time. So, I took on the challenge to teach design with short and to-the-point tutorials here on Air School. In terms of Design, I have been employee, employer, a failed business owner and now a successful teacher. Basically I have been in all the positions and I know exactly the problems people face in terms of design. I'm located in Pakistan where there isn't value of design. So, I took on the challenge to educate the local audience but then ended up having thousands of students from all over the world. I hope to provide value to you by making easy to understand courses for you all. - Talha Bhatti

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Graphic Design

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