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Hello, my name is Talha and I'm an Adobe Photoshop Instructor. If you are someone who is just a beginner or even someone who has never even opened Photoshop before, this course is for you. Together we will learn everything step-by-step from scratch. This is a task based course. Instead of trying to learn every single tool which most of the time you don't even need, we will take real world examples and then learn the necessary tools to make beautiful designs using them. By the end of this course you will have amazing editing skills. Easily remove background of a subject using a mask and yes, cut out that difficult hair too! Amazing and fun text effect which you can place on any poster. How to remove things and also duplicate stuff. There is also a section in which you will learn how to edit different body parts, like changing color of eyes, making shiny hair and the most important one. How to make yourself look slim. And finally, we will learn how to make a Vogue like magazine cover. And after every important section, you will be given a task. So, that you could implement what you will learn. Can't wait to see you in the course! Kindly download the project files from the link below and lets get started!

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Layers, Colors & Sizes

  • Introduction To Photoshop's Interface 2min 51sec
  • How To Use Layers in Adobe Photoshop CC 4min 22sec
  • How To Make A Collage In Photoshop 4min 14sec
  • 4) Change Color Of Anything In Photoshop.mp4 2min 35sec
  • 5) How To Increase Brightness In Photoshop.mp4 1min 16sec
  • 6) How To Make Anything Black & White In Photoshop.mp4 2min 40sec
  • 7) How To Change Just One Color In Photoshop.mp4 2min 2sec
  • 8) Create A Document Of Any Size In Photoshop.mp4 3min 50sec

Shapes, Text & 3D

  • 9) How To Make Shapes In Photoshop.mp4 7min 52sec
  • 10) How To Create Text In Photoshop.mp4 4min 58sec
  • 11) How To Warp Text In Photoshop.mp4 1min 26sec
  • 12) Task 1 - Create An Insagram Post.mp4 1min 37sec
  • 13) Make 3D Effect WIth Bevel & Emboss.mp4 3min 18sec
  • 14) How To Add A Line or Stroke Outside Of Any Text.mp4 2min 41sec
  • 15) Create Neon Text Effect In Photoshop.mp4 2min 40sec
  • 16) Task 2 - Create Neon Text Effect.mp4 33sec

Cropping, Background Removal & Masking

  • 17) How To Crop An Image In A Specific Size.mp4 3min 6sec
  • 18) How To Straighten Images In Photoshop.mp4 2min 43sec
  • 19) How To Cut Out Part Of An Image.mp4 1min 58sec
  • 20) How To Put An Image Inside A Text.mp4 2min 41sec
  • 21) How To Remove Background In Photoshop.mp4 5min 18sec
  • 22) Task 3 - Remove Background With Quick Selection.mp4 59sec
  • 23) Put Text Behind A Person.mp4 4min 17sec
  • 24) Layers Masks And How To Use Them.mp4 9min 16sec

Blending, Hair Selection & Text In Shapes

  • 25) Task 4 - Cut Out A Person And Put On Another Image.mp4 43sec
  • 26) How To Blend Two Images In Photoshop.mp4 2min 27sec
  • 27) Put Text Around An Image.mp4 4min 24sec
  • 28) How To Select Hair In Photoshop.mp4 10min 34sec
  • 29) Task 5 - Select Hair.mp4 21sec
  • 30) Remove Anything In Adobe Photoshop.mp4 4min 53sec
  • 31) How To Remove Text In Photohop.mp4 2min 25sec
  • 32) How To Write Text In A Circle Or Any Shape.mp4 3min 34sec

Gradients, Light Effects & Fonts

  • 33) How To Check Spellings In Photoshop.mp4 1min 31sec
  • 34) How To Add A Gradient In Photoshop.mp4 4min 56sec
  • 35) How To Add A Gradient To Text.mp4 4min 41sec
  • 36) Dual Light Effect In Photoshop.mp4 2min 2sec
  • 37) Task 6 - Create Dual Light Effect.mp4 24sec
  • 38) How To Download & Install Fonts In Photoshop.mp4 2min 7sec
  • 39) Create Vougue Like Magazine Cover.mp4 4min 40sec
  • 40) Task 7 - Vougue Like Magazine Cover.mp4 4min 40sec


  • 41) How To Create Effects On A Picture.mp4 2min 21sec
  • 42) What Is A Smart Object And How To Use It.mp4 3min 51sec
  • 43) How To Make Oil Paint Effect In Photoshop.mp4 1min 47sec
  • 44) How To Make Sketch Effect In Photoshop.mp4 2min 53sec
  • 45) Task 8 - Create Sketch Effect.mp4 27sec
  • 46) Create Speed Effect In Photoshop.mp4 2min 5sec
  • 47) How To Put Logo On Any Object.mp4 3min 39sec
  • 48) Create Paper Corner Turn Effect.mp4 5min 7sec

Photo Manipulations

  • 49) Task 9 - Create Paper Turn Effect.mp4 26sec
  • 50) Lose Your Fat Belly With Using Liqify.mp4 2min 47sec
  • 51) Make People Smile In Photoshop.mp4 2min 10sec
  • 52) How To Make Dripping Paint Effect.mp4 3min 49sec
  • 53) Task 10 - Create Dripping Paint Effect.mp4 37sec
  • 54) Free Image Resources.mp4 1min 20sec
  • 55) How To Remove Ache In Photoshop.mp4 2min 10sec
  • 56) Task 11 - Remove Pimples.mp4 39sec

Photo Editing

  • 57) How To Make Hair Shine In Photoshop.mp4 3min 27sec
  • 58) Make Teeth White In Photoshop.mp4 2min 17sec
  • 59) Change Eye Color In Photoshop.mp4 2min 14sec
  • 60) Quickly Remove White Background From Logos.mp4 1min 4sec
  • 61) How To Create Shadows In Photoshop.mp4 3min 41sec
  • 62) How To Make A Reflection In Photoshop.mp4 2min 56sec
  • 63) How To Use Guides In Photoshop.mp4 1min 49sec
  • 64) Seamless Instagram Panorama In Photoshop.mp4 2min 15sec

Cloning & Copying

  • 65) How To Duplicate Yourself.mp4 1min 8sec
  • 66) How To Clone Anything In Photoshop.mp4 1min 40sec
  • 67) Create Glitch Text Effect In Photoshop.mp4 3min 41sec
  • 68) Different Ways To Zoom In Photoshop.mp4 2min 16sec
  • 69) Copying Any Color Trick.mp4 10min 0sec
  • 70) How To Make Lens Flare In Photoshop.mp4 1min 35sec
  • 71) How To Make Things Glow In Photoshop.mp4 3min 16sec

Exporting, Tips & Final Thoughts

  • 72) Select Subject In Photoshop.mp4 1min 17sec
  • 73) Remove Background With One Click.mp4 1min 9sec
  • 74) Object Selection Tool.mp4 1min 43sec
  • 75) How To Draw Stright Lines In Photoshop.mp4 2min 23sec
  • 76) How To Use Frame Tool.mp4 2min 29sec
  • 77) Exporting Options.mp4 6min 21sec
  • 78) RGB vs CMYK.mp4 3min 10sec
  • 79) Resolutions.mp4 2min 33sec
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It is for beginners or those people who struggle with Photoshop.

Don't worry. In this course you will learn Photoshop from Scratch.

Absolutely! You will be able to even makes design good enough for any freelance platform or even get hired by a company. Provided that you practice anything from the course at least once a day.

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15+ enrolled on this course